WiCnet Awards for season one of Game of Thrones

WiCnet Awards for season one of Game of Thrones  

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?Making Game of Thrones is back! And for this season we have a new on-set reporter. Bryan Cogman’s increased production responsibilities (not to mention his new baby) has led to him passing the mantle of official on-set blogger to Cat Taylor. Taylor is the assistant to producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, which means she should have some fun stories to share. Here is a snippet from her first post:??I’ll take you behind the scenes of the filming of Season 2, and while there are many secrets I have to keep and a lot of unexpected twists to come, there’s still a lot for us to talk about: One King is dead, but many rise. Cersei plots while Joffrey rules. The Hound is hunting. Jon is North of the Wall, Robb is at war and Arya is nowhere to be found. Littlefinger has a plan that no one yet comprehends. And let’s not even get started on Tyrion …??The shooting has begun with so many people in different locations that we’ve assembled two crews to get the job done (and given them the requisite codenames “Wolf” and “Dragon”). In the last few weeks a charter flight left with the Wolf crew, costumes and props packed to the wing tips en route to sunnier shores. Finding a commercial flight to Westeros is harder than you’d guess! The offices here were weirdly quiet as the Dragon unit got ready for three weeks of night shoots and everyone waited to see what would happen at the Emmys …??Not only did we get our first on-set blog post, but HBO published the first official behind the scenes photo from filming season two!??Winter Is Coming: So excited that we will be getting production updates once again from MGoT! Looking forward to hearing more anecdotes from set. And, of course, to some more production photos!??34 Interviews with Lena and Sean at Scream Awards??Access Hollywood nabbed two interviews on the occasion of the Scream Awards ceremony last Saturday (airing tonight at 9PM EST on SPIKE TV). It’s great that both Lena Headey and Sean Bean were able to attend. First off, a video interview with both of them, after the win, sharing their impressions as well as thoughts on Lena’s good friend Peter Dinklage.??Even more interesting bits appear in this interview with Lena, where she discusses Cersei in season two and her character’s relationships towards others, most notably Tyrion and Joffrey. Here are some snippets that I liked most:??”I think she can’t admit it to anybody,” the actress continued, referring to Cersei’s upcoming Season 2 predicament. “She’s dying to ask for help, and she never will.” We’re on our last few episodes,” she said of progress on Season 2. “Joffrey is becoming more trouble.” “Jack Gleason is adorable, and just so good at being a little sh**,” she laughed, complimenting her co-star. “He’s so good at being terrible.” “This season there’s a big arc with Cersei and Tyrion’s relationship, which is really interesting, because it’s love-hate there, totally,” she told Access. “It’s been really fun filming all those scenes, and there’s just a lot more drama this year.”??Two more videos after the break, including one where Sean Bean speculates on possibly returning for more filming…Best Fight Scene: Syrio vs the guards??Best Dramatic Scene: Ned’s execution??Best Comedic Scene: Tyrion confesses his crimes??Best Added Scene: Robert and Cersei discuss the kingdom and their marriage??Best Monologue: Khal Drogo promises a gift for Rhaego??Best One-Liner: “You wouldn’t know him.” – Bronn??Best Line: “There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to death: not today.” – Syrio Forel??Best CGI Element: The Wall??Best Supporting Actor: Iain Glen??Best Supporting Actress: Natalia Tena??Best Actor: Sean Bean??Best Actress: Maisie Williams??Best Episode: Baelor (Ep. 9)??The live ceremony was a lot of fun. If you didn’t make it, you missed out. Miltos Yerolemou even gave a surprise acceptance speech!??Winter Is Coming: Congrats to all the winners! And to all the nominees, as well. So many great performances and moments, it was hard to narrow each category down to a handful of nominees (which I was all too reminded of in the comments for each category). But it was even harder to pick the best out of each of these. I think the winners were all well-deserved though. Thanks to everyone for participating! Can’t wait to do it again next year!??Voting results of each poll after the break …

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