Who said Saturday waits? We got us a new Game of Thrones trailer!

Who said Saturday waits? We got us a new Game of Thrones trailer!  

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Fire And Blood: Good stuff. Pycelle delivering that classic line, some extended looks at Varys, Dany with horse blood dribbling down her chest,Game of thrones dvd Othor (Othor!) (He’s en fuego!) Renly beseeching Ned, Bron delivering a certain fatal blow, Arya fleeing a certain confrontation, and that one final betrayal…Love the shocked look on Septa Mordane’s face. Muahaha! 8 Days to go!Dork Shelf interviews Kit Harington too!I mentioned he was making the rounds, right?This one actually has him on camera. (Even though he’s not looking at it. Maybe it’s the site’s first stab at this sort of thing? Dunno!) But I can’t complain; it’s nearly 14 minutes of Snowy goodness from Toronto Canada’s fantastic site Dork Shelf, and it’s a really, really good interview. Thank god we finally have a quality nerd site with good questions to tackle these actors with. Who said Canada only really has Tegan and Sara? They have Dork Shelf … and now they finally have some Snow.Bonus: Kit mentions Winter Is Coming! Charlie Sheen is not winning. We are.(Note that there is a possible season two spoiler and one “S” bomb dropped during the interview.)Here’s a link to the interview at Dork Shelf!Fire And Blood: A lot of good stuff here. I like how they got some questions in from Twitter. Kit’s bloody great; one of the best casting choices they made, I think, when all’s said and done.Okay, that was a tough one. Maybe even tougher than we imagined. No trick questions, but some very hard ones. What I liked most was your positive reaction to the challenge and how you liked digging into the WiC.net past, remisicing all the good moments with us. First of all, Game of thrones dvd here are the correct answers:Sean Bean (What big name was first scooped by WiC a week before the casting?)Croatia (What country is the rabbit from?)Brude (What commenter first reviewed the leaked pilot script for us?)Daniel Minahan (Who is the director of the episode GRRM scripted?)March 2010 (What month and year did FaB and HmR join the team?)Maisie Williams (Who is not a bony pop singer?)Who is Jacopo Belbo? (Which regular WiC poster can also double as a Jeopardy answer?)Derek Halligan (Who was first cast as Alliser Thorne before being replaced by Owen Teale?)Indigo (What color does FaB think should be banned from the seven-color spectrum?)Julia Frey (Who was featured in our first interview with a member of the GoT production team?)Jake Stormoen (Which WiC poster asked GRRM questions on WiC’s behalf at Aussiecon 4?)Conan Stevens (Which cast member was the first one to drop by and comment on WiC?)About Yea High (What screen name did FaB first post under before becoming a contributor?)Hodor, Doreah, Dany (Which three roles (not actors) had their official audition videos leaked?)Always Support the Bottom (What are the words of house Gatewatch?)In the comments, the answers will no doubt be discussed in detail. There were 43 valid submissions overall, and 9 of them had all questions answered correctly.The three winners are … wait for it, wait for it …Jill a.k.a. Phoenix_TornMelissa a.k.a. MelarraAlexander a.k.a. Herr FickThey each recieve a full-size official Game of Thrones poster.

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