What Is Dead May Never Die in Season 2 of Game of Thrones

What Is Dead May Never Die in Season 2 of Game of Thrones  

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Game of thrones is always can attract us with its its tense plots progressing and tight writing. In the episode 3 of game of thrones, there is probably something has happened which may never in line with your expectations.

Things are finally progressing this season. Being through two episodes of plot setting up, In episode Three, “What Is Dead May Never Die,” really make thing moving along.

Snow’s observance of Casters’ actions has led to undirect results. Lord Commander Mormont explains to Jon that sometimes committing bad behaviours and actions which is necessary to survival.

With the plots moving along, Lady Catelyn arrives in the Stormlands to speak with King Renly to establish the alliance with King Robb. It’s a short meeting between Catelyn and Renly, However this part of the story doesn’t end here.

Tyrion’s scenes felt a little underwhelming, but it was nice to see him alive and recovering. I was very pleased to see Varys being openly friendly to Tyrion, and the scene with Shae was really comforting.

With telling three different lies to Grand Maester Pycelle, Littlefinger, and Lord Varys, Tyrion discovers that Pycelle is the leak. Which removes him from the circle, Tyrion proves his abilities as Hand to Varys, who especially being impressed. This is an incredibly important aspects to the whole story.

I don’t know where this show would be without the joy that is Tyrion. Besides He’s the temporary King’s Hand, and he’s realized enemies and informers are everywhere in King’s Landing.

It’s clear that he wants to strike out at Littlefinger somehow after his meeting with Ros, the go-to whore for the writers to use in every situation that seems to require use of one of Littlefinger’s employees.

The season finale being righted every wrong and bring back the Daenerys I liked from before. It was very exciting to see her reject every false illusion thrust at her by the creepy warlock Pyat Pree. It was also rather cool to see her reject the Iron Throne and for which I was impressed with her ability to pull herself away from the illusions of Drogo and Rhaego so easily.

Game of Thrones will definitely continue its excellent running. The directors and writers have a wonderful feel for translating Martin’s words to screen. The show which is worthy of feature films, However HBO has given the audience the perfect translation. While the story is advancing, it’s even more self evident that this season in particular could spell doom for anyone on screen.

The game of thrones will bring to you a different experience with this fabulous season. Hope you can enjoy it.

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