Weekly has the full numbers from the Game of thrones premiere

Weekly has the full numbers from the Game of thrones premiere  

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Hibberd reports that 2.2 million viewers watched the first airing at 9 PM, 1.2 million watched the second airing and 800,000 the third. The total number of viewers who watched Thrones on Sunday night was 4.2 million!The first episode delivered a decent 2.2 million viewers for its premiere airing, then a rather strong 1.2 million for its first encore (the NBA playoff game with the Celtics vs. Knicks might have pushed some viewership to the second airing), and another 800,000 for the third telecast for an overall healthy total of 4.2 million. HBO then aired Thrones six times across all its channels Monday night, and those numbers will be added to this post later today.Thrones first telecast was down 54% from the premiere of 2010?s Boardwalk (4.8 million) which received an immediate second season renewal. Yet HBO always takes into account what Sunday show was used to ramp up viewers to the new program’s premiere, and Thrones had a weak platform — Mildred Pierce, which averaged around 1 million viewers, a number Thrones more than doubled.Winter Is Coming: I think HBO has to be pleased with this number. Expecting the 5-6 million that tuned into Boardwalk Empire’s premiere was unrealistic. Over 4 million total viewers is a great start and I really think word-of-mouth will help propel this series to an increase of viewers by the end of the first season, as opposed to Empire’s downward trend. Now we wait for that season two announcement …UPDATE: James Hibberd provides an update: an additional 1.2 million people watched Game of Thrones during Monday repeat airings. This brings the direct viewing number to the total of 5.4 million.The official numbers won’t come out until tomorrow, but some early numbers from last night’s premiere of Game of Thrones have come out. Vulture is reporting that they have obtained data that shows that Thrones premiered with a 1.6 share (mind that share is not the same as number of viewers).According to data obtained by Vulture, GoT earned a 1.6 rating in Nielsen’s overnight household sample. By way of comparison, last September’s debut of Boardwalk Empire on HBO averaged a 2.8 rating in the overnights. Household ratings aren’t used much anymore, with most networks tending to look at overall viewership or demographic averages to gauge a program’s success. What’s more, because of HBO’s smaller distribution — it’s in about 28 million homes — household overnight ratings can vary substantially from the national total viewer figure. All of these caveats aside, down is down: Based on this snapshot of its performance, it’s clear GoT won’t come close to matching the nearly 5 million viewers who watched the Boardwalk Empire premiere in September.Winter Is Coming: Assuming Vulture’s source is legit, and I have no reason to assume it isn’t, than this number isn’t as good as hoped. As they say, total viewers is the number everyone is really interested in, but this early number seems to indicate that getting close to 5 million viewers is highly unlikely. It is looking like 3 million viewers (or less) may have tuned into last night’s premiere.UPDATE by HmR: One way or another, we are getting the official numbers later today, which will give some definite answers and hopefully dispel any worries. Meanwhile, initial news from the other side of the Pond is very good: Game of Thrones got highest ratings of all shows on Sky Atlantic so far. More context provided by The Wertzone.

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