We already knew Game of Thrones was a scream

We already knew Game of Thrones was a scream  

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Hear Me Roar: Alongside the large number of panels and other events on Saturday, a smaller panel with extras took place as well. Due to the busy schedule of the day, fewer people attended this one as the guest signing session ran at the same time. Chaired by Rimshot, whom we all know and we appreciate his comments on this site (*waves*), the panel consited of three Game of Thrones extras and Sam, who has experience as an extra in England.??The discussion was aimed at informing the public of how to become and extra and what it looks like to be one. Naturally, the conversation drifted towards GoT quite quickly. As you all surely know, the extras on the Northern Ireland part of the show were provided by the ExtrasNI agency. I had in mind to write that the extras are (one of) the unsung heroes, but luckily we just had a great interview with one of them, full of cool little details that complement this post.??HBO provides some casting confirmations??We’ve had quite a few castings leak out via Twitter or through the actor’s CVs on Spotlight or their agency profile. Although these were strong signs that the casting was legit, it is still nice to get official confirmation from HBO. Today HBO has confirmed the following actors and roles for season two of Game of Thrones.??That last confirmation is one we haven’t reported on yet, as we just weren’t sure how significant this role would be. Sam Callis is a British TV actor who is probably best known for his role as Sgt Callum Stone on The Bill. He has also appeared on Doctor Who, Holby City and The Royal. He is officially credited as Gold Cloak, but I wonder whether he might be filling the role of Jacelyn Bywater in this second season. HBO generally won’t confirm a casting unless the role is more than just a featured extra (i.e. they have to have a few lines, at least). That they have confirmed it, combined with the fact that Sam Callis is an experienced actor, leads me to that conclusion.??Winter Is Coming: The cast continues to grow… We’re down to only a handful of roles still yet to be cast. With only about two months of filming to go, these roles are probably already cast and will hopefully be announced soon.We already knew Game of Thrones was a scream; SPIKE TV just confirmed it for us.??SPIKE TV (branded as “The Man’s Alternative to Lifetime Television” when it first debuted back in 2003) held it’s annual “Scream Awards” Saturday night in Los Angeles, and ‘Thrones took home the big TV prize. Sean Bean and Lena Headey were on hand to accept the award for Best TV Show, which was (coincidently?) presented by Ron Perlman.??Peter Dinklage also won Best Supporting Actor, and Emilia Clarke won for Breakout Female Performance, but neither could make it to the awards ceremony this year. (Something about being busy filming a television series or some such.)??GoT was nominated in four other categories, including Best Actor (Sean Bean), Best Actress (Lena Heady), Best Ensemble, and Most Memorable Mutilation (Viserys’ crown of gold), but did not win. Game of Thrones was also nominated for “The Ultimate Scream” (the Scream Awards top prize) but lost to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.??SPIKE TV is a division of MTV Networks.??Fire And Blood: Great to see Sean on hand getting a little well-deserved recognition. You can tell he’s definitely proud of his role. Lena looks smokin’ in black. It’s too bad Westerosi culture doesn’t push black as its mourning color. I’m a little bummed Viserys’ golden crown lost out to something from Piranha 3D. That better have been one epic decapitation-by-motorboat!??Special thanks to ‘Thrones fan @marcelocordova on Twitter for the heads up on this (and the pic), and to DreadCentral for the play-by-play.??ADDED: More pics courtesy of bottom-supporter Sean Fan: Pics! And more: Sean and Lena sit the Iron Throne! And Sean and Lena (Throne background)!

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