Watch HBO Game Of Thrones 2011 Season 1 Episode 5 The Wolf And The Lion Online Live Free Streaming

Watch HBO Game Of Thrones 2011 Season 1 Episode 5 The Wolf And The Lion Online Live Free Streaming  

Article by Jerry Rogers

The new television series on HBO the Game Of Thrones is airing tonight at 9pm Eastern standard time. This will be the shows fifth episode in its first season of broadcast. The title of the episode tonight is the Wolf and the Lion. Tonight?s show will be centered around Ned trying to stop the king from entering a fighting tournament after a suspicious death that may overtake the event. Secondarily Catelyn takes Tyrion to her sister?s fortress.

One of the attractions of the hit series Game of Thrones for fans is how well the series follows the book series. This is something that true fans appreciate because they have seen so many books that have come alive on the big screen only to have been badly misrepresented by the movie producer. Many times producers leave out important details that misconstrue facts. This particular HBO series has pleased fans as to its accuracy of facts and details.

Fans are delighted with the acting and how well the characters are brought to life. They can place faces to the names of the characters in the book. The sexual scenes in the series are true to the plots of sexuality in the book. There really is nothing taken out of context in this new series. Fans are giving this series a 9 out of 10 in ratings and are coming back every week to see more.

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The show is complex, multi-layered, surreal, vibrant, imaginative and it draws your eye in to the surprising level of detail, from the sweeping vistas, to the narrow dungeons, from the beautiful castles and magnificent trees, to the contrasting landscapes. It is worth watching just for the scenery alone.

The newcomers will have to be patient and not give up to soon since the amount of characters and story lines might feel overwhelming but don’t give up stay and a magical world of Westeros will come to life infront of your own eyes Conclusion: A Dark Fantasy world, full of realistic stories, at its best. A book in motion almost. The spirit of the story is mainly captured.

If you don’t like the series then you probably have never read the books or watched the countless behind the scenes trailers that were previously aired. The trailers helped those who didn’t understand the complex storyline. Yes, this story is complex, its original, its fresh, and it is very exciting. The story line gets better with each episode.

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