Valar Morghulis in Game of Thrones Season Two

Valar Morghulis in Game of Thrones Season Two  

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Game of thrones has win much applause since its beginning season, it seems that it will gonna gain much momentum in the future. Valar Morghulis is one of the fantastic episodes of game of thrones.

The “Game of Thrones” Season 2 finale ‘Valar Morghulis’ had a lot to live up to after the penultimate episode “Blackwater.” That was the episode that fans have been talking about since the series was first announced and it blew everyone away. So, did the finale live up.

The most heartbreaking moment of game of thrones season 2 was Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) realizing that not only did his sister try to have him killed, but that he’d been demoted and no one cared what he did to save the city. Yes, his lady loves him, but he realized he likes the game too much to leave the city.

First up, those of you who haven’t read the book or impatiently looked it up on Wikipedia were thrilled to find out that Tyrion is still alive.

Varys–one of the more intriguing characters during Season 2–lets him know that his scars were a gift from his sister Queen Cersei, who tried to kill him during the chaos of battle. “There are many who know that without you the city faced certain defeat,” Varys says. “The king won’t give you any honors. The histories won’t mention you. But we will not forget.”

But the courage he showed on the battlefield escapes him when Shae approaches. He’d been too scared to believe that she might actually love him, but at his lowest she proves her faithfulness.

Love is also at the heart of one of the two weddings called off during the season finale. King Robb Stark breaks his promise to marry Lord Frey’s daughter after falling for the foreign nurse Talisa.

The two young lovers are wed secretly in the wood at night. After a big show in the throne room, King Joffrey breaks his engagement to Sansa and agrees to wed Margaery Tyrell, Renly’s former betrothed.

Daenerys braves the House of the Undying, where the warlock Pyat Pree intends to imprison her with her dragons.

But Daenerys and her pets have other plans. After a pit stop to see Khal Drogo and her baby, a little dragon fire wins their freedom. She’ll have her ship after locking her betrayer Xaro in his own treasure safe.

The episode of game of throne season two name comes from Arya’s story, as she encounters Jaqen H’ghar who gives her a coin that will summon him in need. As she begins a journey outside of Harrenhal, her younger brothers begin one of their own, fleeing the ruins of Winterfell.

But it’s up north where the real action is. Beyond the wall, Qhorin Halfhand lets Jon Snow kill him in an attempt to win Jon their captors’ trust. He’ll meet Mance Rayder as the Man Who Killed the Halfhand, rather than just another captured crow.

Game of thrones will bring to us more brilliant seasons as always. Pay attention to it, it will deserve our credit.

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