The Song of Ice and Fire: the Game of Thrones

The Song of Ice and Fire: the Game of Thrones  

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“Pro, our screen ratio is 16:9, and watching movies without black bars yo, the most in line with the eye of the golden ratio.” While you always feel uncomfortable narrow 16:9 screen, but still be over and over again traders, manufacturers such brainwashing. In fact what the black side, the golden ratio are pit father! Why? From the manufacturing process is concerned, we see that the screen is the manufacturer of the product after cutting the glass substrate, a more economical 18.5 (16:9) and 19-inch (16:10)-inch display for example, the use of 6-generation glass substrates can be more cut out 3 18.5 screen, use the 8.5-generation glass substrates can be cut out six more, manufacturers of small thinking than this. The so-called dark side of 16:9 movie that is not 100% incorrect, because the 16:9 aspect ratio equal to 1.78:1, the proportion of digital TV requirements, while the standard ratio of 1.85:1 widescreen movie, the simple for, you see a U.S. drama “Game of Thrones” that I guarantee no black edges, but if any one to see widescreen movie, the upper and lower black bars still waiting for you.American epic fantasy ace HBO television drama “A Song of Ice and Fire: Game Of Thrones” (A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game Of Thrones) achieved great success, the play of the second quarter of them are taken tension according to foreign media reports, in addition to outside of Ireland, the play of shooting to have been extended to Croatia and Iceland.”Game Of Thrones” in the first quarter, the crew had to Belfast (Belfast) and Malta shooting, the crew is in the second quarter, significantly expands the viewfinder – in addition to continue shooting in Belfast, the “Rights of the game,” the film crew and actors will be dispatched to Croatia and Iceland shooting.It is reported that the scenes shot in Croatia will be the “right game” scene in the South, most of which the scene is real dragon queen Ge Lian (Daenerys Targaryen) convened their own army. Scenes shot in Iceland is (Eddard Stark) bastard Joan Snow Snow (Jon Snow) led the “Men in Black” visit the Great Wall north of the story.A drama in three countries to shooting, the U.S. media praise: “have to say that the shooting in the history of television is very rare, especially when more and more popular when computer graphics.” Lady Melisandre: a strong and dangerous witch, woman nicknamed Pao is the king of the Priestess of Light, Long Isle’s many residents under the influence of changes in her beliefs, Stein is very nice to rely on his of forces. Caris – Fan – Houdeng (Carice van Houten) will play the role of the belly black. Baron – Grey Joey (Balon Greyjoy): Iron Islands of the Lord, Xien father, a serious and persistent barbarism, has always insisted on the “strong win over bitter farming” and “vandalism” house rules. Forced to surrender because of the defeat before Bailaxien family, heirs Xien also been received for the Stark family, the adopted son of Robert’s death did not hesitate to lift the anti-flag. Who starred in “fear storm” (Into the Storm) the power to send British actor Patrick – Mylar Hyde (Patrick Malahide) will be played this role.

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