Robb’s Romance in Game of Thrones Season Two

Robb’s Romance in Game of Thrones Season Two  

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HBO has a history of, in other programmes, promising big battles but delivering sub-par results. For example, Rome’s big battle set piece was a bit too CGI to look good, though it was attempted on a grander scale than game of thrones.

The big thing is to exit on a high note, and the show definitely ends on a cliffhanger big enough to bring people back next year. Last year’s finale shot of a blackened, naked Danerys holding her three baby dragons was pretty epic, but this episode had three impressive closing shots back-to-back-to-back to cement our major story lines: Dany in Qarth, Robb’s romance, Tyrion and Shae, and the men of the Night’s Watch north of the wall.

Of game of thrones, that’s why getting Tyrion to King’s Landing and making him the Hand of the King has been the move that will vault Peter Dinklage from Best Supporting Actor to Best Actor at this year’s Emmys. The scene with Shae (Sibel Kekilli) was wonderfully heartbreaking, and Dinklage’s expression throughout his face-off with Cersei about his secret whore (the very unfortunate Ros) was a brilliant mask. Playing concealed emotions has to be difficult, considering how much of acting is about expressing. Their reunion was touching, albeit unsurprising; Tyrion, as a character, makes sparks with whomever is crossed with him, from Cersei and Joffrey to Bronn and (perhaps most fun of all) Varys. I’d love to see Tyrion, Bronn, and Varys just get one whole episode amongst themselves to dish on the plots and intrigues of the city and the relative merits of testicles versus height.

At the same time in Winterfell, Theon is facing a parallel choice, between danger and exile, also complicated by unshakable loyalty to a thankless family. (A strong parallel, by the way, that I never really picked up on in the books, which points to one advantage of the series format.) It’s a particularly strong episode for Alfie Allen, who gets the chance to play Theon for agony, fury and even comedy.

Season Two of game of thrones, which started in India this week begins where the first season left off — the King’s Hand, popular character Ned Stark beheaded, his two daughters in enemy territory, his young son attempting to group feuding families together to help bring his sisters to safety. Add to this the wiles of the underage poisonous monarch born of incest, the Northern horrors rising in the ice and young dragons hatched to the East with the dead heathen’s blonde wife and here’s a recipe for a riveting enough second season.

Welcome to enjoy your show-Game of Thrones.

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Simpsons nod to the Game Of Thrones’ opening sequence. Enjoy it before they take it down. Missed the first few seconds due to my dvr being out-FOXed by untimely TV programming..

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