New Faces in Game of Thrones Season Two

New Faces in Game of Thrones Season Two  

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Game of thrones has been rendering us with its fantastic scenes and fabulous acting skills. This time there will be some new faces in the game of thrones season two.let me introduce them to you.

First Quaithe is a relatively minor character in Daenerys’ storyline for the second season.One of her bloodriders, with Jhogo returning with representatives from the city of Qarth, also which includes Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Quaithe, a priestess.

Laura Pradelska is a German actress, she was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany.Since graduating in 2008 she has had several notable roles as an actor and voice-over artist.In Game of Thrones, Pradelska is playing the role of Quaithe. She joined the cast as a guest star in the second season.

British actors Lucian Msamati and Nonso Anozie and German newcomer Laura Pradelska have joined the ranks of the Emmy-nominated drama series,Msamati,will play notorious pirate Salladhor Saan, a mercenary pirate which is pledged to the late King Robert Baratheon’s brother Stannis, according to EW.

Pradelska, at the same time, will play Quaithe, a mysterious priestess from the eastern lands of Asshai who encounters Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and her companions when they reach the city of Qarth.

Lorren, also known as Black Lorren, coming from the Iron Islands,Lorren meets Theon after the latter returns to the Iron Islands as an envoy for King Robb.His television credits include guest roles in the British cop drama Ashes to Ashes and several uncredited roles in the series Rebus.

Balon is the lord of the Iron Islands. Considering that he’s been a prisoner of the Starks for most of his adolescence, Theon doesn’t realize that there’s a lot of bad blood between House Greyjoy and House Stark, making the sell tougher than he expected.

Lady Melisandre She’s probably the most-talked-about new character of the second season, Lady Melisandre is as mysterious as she is dangerous. Known as the “Red Priestess,” Melisandre worships the ‘Lord of Light,’ a deity known as R’hllor, through whom she can apparently perform feats of magic.

Hallyne the Pyromancer Out of all of these new characters, there haven’t been any additions to the King’s Landing side of the story, where Joffrey has just been crowned king. Tyrion will employ pyromancer Hallyne to create a secret weapon that will turn the tide of battle should it ever come to be used.

Margaery Tyrell s the bride of the self-proclaimed King Renly Baratheon. It should be no surprise that Margaery’s marriage with Renly is loveless.While that relationship was only hinted at in the book series, it was blatantly shown in the show’s first season.

Craster’s a nasty fellow, one of the nastiest we’ll meet on Game of Thrones. Craster has nineteen wives, most of whom are his own daughters. You read that right. Whenever he has a new daughter, he waits for her to grow up before she becomes his wife.

New characters mean the new energy. hope this series will become more and more successful in the years ahead.

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