Medieval Costumes in ‘Game of Thrones Season II’ Giving Complete Realization of Medieval Era

Medieval Costumes in ‘Game of Thrones Season II’ Giving Complete Realization of Medieval Era  

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Game of Thrones, the epic series of George R.R. Martin, is undoubtedly a fantasy, but it is made after complete realization of the medieval times. That’s why, it seems authentic, and you feel that you are watching the historical events. The credit of this authentic feel goes to the costumes used in the series, which are designed by Michelle Clapton.The season I was already admired by masses, and now season II is in the limelight. For the season II, Clapton again read the books of Martin in order to make the scenario much more authentic. Moreover, she also studied the environment, lifestyle, climate and food resources of the areas, because the Greyjoys groups and the Wildlings groups were introduced in this season. She also showed a loophole in that fantasy. According to her, the costumes do not resonate with the environment. So, she paid special attention the nomadic horse riding tribe of desert raiders, Dothraki and equally nomadic Wildings. She also showed that grab of wildings are inspired by nomadic Inuit-inspired cultures in their outfits, which comprise of lashed-together leather, animal skins, animal bones, skull worn as armors. The bones were ordered online at eBay.On the other hand, the costumes of the royal family in that series are different from those of tribes. Moreover, aristocracy can be witnessed in the dress of the merchant prince. A complete renaissance environment has been formed in the series.Prior from Game of Thrones also, the outfits belonging to the renaissance period were displayed in various sitcoms and Hollywood movies. These costumes have become the fashion statement of a lot of people in the recent times, which we can see people wearing in various parties and festivals. It will be significant to mention here that the renaissance period consisted of a lot of cultures like nomadic tribes, desert raiders etc. Similarly, pirate culture was also prominent those days, which was the culture of sea robbers. Their dresses and boots of the pirates were also created a fad among the people of later ages. Skirts, corsets, chemises, gowns and there are some of the outfits which are gaining popularity among the people in the present scenario. However, some modern dress sense is also included to these outfits, which makes them perfect to wear, for people living the modern lifestyle.Moreover, various renaissance and pirate festivals were also organized to give the feel of the medieval era to the people. A large number of people wearing these costumes can be observed in these festivals. Moreover, you can enjoy the performances of entertainers as well as the delicious medieval food. Some special events are also organized by the people, to enjoy the lifestyle of the renaissance period.Now, the season II of Game of Thrones will add some more innovations to the renaissance clothing. It is hoped that people will enjoy the series, as well as the upcoming renaissance outfits.

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