Last night HBO aired a preview of the debut episode of Game of Thrones

Last night HBO aired a preview of the debut episode of Game of Thrones  

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Those who haven’t read the books (like me) probably won’t be confused by anything here — there are basically two sequences presented — but you’ll have to take it on faith that there is a hell of a lot of follow-up info in store. But what we see here looks great and has an excellent pace; the scope is great and the first sequence is actually chilling. (Yeah, I’ll take the pun in stride.) In short, this does a better job of selling the show than all the trailers we’ve seen. I want this show, now.So, see, that wasn’t that complicated! It’s just a show that calls to mind Dallas, Elizabeth Edwards, Nabokov, Seth Cohen, and Shakespeare! Folks familiar with the series, please, feel free to make your own associations in the comments. The posters are the work of Thomas Gateley, who showed off his artistry via his Flickr account. I think that these Game of Thrones minimalist posters are a great example of how less becomes so much more. Take a look at them yourself to see what I mean.In a very promising sign, Bordeleau mentioned that the developers are big fans of the storytelling in Planescape: Torment, and that fans of the art design and storytelling in that game will find a lot to like in the Game of Thrones RPG.Anyhow, just to whet your Game of Thrones appetite more, I have something for you. Here are some really striking Game of Thrones minimalist posters of the houses that you encounter in the story – big or small, it does not matter. They all play a part in the saga that we have come to love. Note: This isn’t meant as a slight against Focus Home Interactive’s RTS A Game of Thrones: Genesis.We’re sure it’ll be a fine game, or at least better than Skyrim which — reminder — we hate now.I just got off the phone with Cyanide’s studio director Yves Bordeleau, and he confirmed that in addition to Genesis, Cyanide has been developing a Mass-Effect-style RPG for consoles and PC that tells a twisting narrative set alongside the events of the novel Game of Thrones.Game of Thrones mostly takes place on the continent of Westeros, which is divided into a number of sub-kingdoms. (It’s based on fifteenth-century England, but think a feudal EU that’s the size of South America.) Way up North, there is a freezing no-man’s-land (Where the Wild Things Are meets the Ice planet Hoth) populated by dangerous creatures divided from the rest of the country by a huge wall (like the proposed Mexican-American wall, if it worked and was meant to keep out monsters, not people).Good morning — how about starting the day (and the week) with a little epic fantasy? Last night HBO aired a preview of the debut episode of Game of Thrones, which begins the herculean task of adapting the massive A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin. The full episode will air in two weeks, but for now you can watch the same preview HBO ran. The twelve-minute opening of the show is online, and embedded below.

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