knee-deep in pre-production for season two of Game of Thrones

knee-deep in pre-production for season two of Game of Thrones  

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They took some time out of their schedule to chat with the Los Angeles Times about how the work is going so far and what to expect in season two. Here is some of what they had to say:There are some big shifts between the first book and the second — different characters, new locations, huge battle scenes and new elements like … [spoiler redacted]. How closely are you sticking to the book?Weiss: The book is always going to be our template, our go-to bible. It’s mainly about the balancing act between keeping the characters the viewers have spent so much time investing in front-and-center and introducing all these new characters George has come up with and giving them their fair share. That’s what we’re currently engaged in doing.So you’re still rewriting?Benioff: We’re definitely still rewriting. You start out with your dream scenario, and then the hard reality hits you and you make adjustments. We’re still in that adjustment phase. There’s a lot of writing and a lot of casting still. Most series if you get second season you’re done with most of the casting. With the second book and the second season, a whole slew of characters make their appearances.Weiss: I’m sitting here looking at our casting grid, which is a grid of names and faces of all the characters. Last year I remember being so excited as I’d watch week after week — it gradually fills in and finally … you have this beautiful wall of faces that represents your cast. Now I’m looking at the grid again, and half the people are gone because they’ve been massacred wholesale. And now there’s a grid to be filled in again with a new group of people.They provide even more interesting insights, however the interview could be considered quite spoilerish if you haven’t read A Clash of Kings just yet.Of particular interest to me is Benioff’s answer to one question that seems to imply a certain event from the third book will be moved up into the second season. Don’t click past this point unless you’ve read A Storm of Swords as I am going to discuss this change and its implications. I repeat, we will be discussing major plot points from the first three books! You’ve been warned!Potentially lost in all the buzz and conversation yesterday about the latest episode of Game of Thrones was the announcing of the nominees for this year’s Television Critics’ Association awards. Game of Thrones was tied for the most nominations with four (Justified and Parks and Recreation also received four noms). Thrones was nominated for best drama, best new program, best performance (Peter Dinklage) and program of the year. The full list of nominees can be found at the TCA’s official site. The winners will be announced in an unaired ceremony on August 6th.Winter Is Coming: Nice to see the award nominations racking up. Thrones is something of a critical darling at this point, so it’s not too surprising to see it score some nominations amongst TV critics. There is some tough competition, but hopefully they can even manage to win a statue or two. Congrats to the cast and crew, Dinklage especially. And good luck!Ratings hold steady despite tough competitionWith the Tony Awards and the pivotal game six of the NBA Finals as competition, Game of Thrones still managed to hold steady at 2.7 million viewers for its initial airing! The overall audience did drop a little with the encore airing slipping a bit from last week. James Hibberd reports:Despite airing against the Tony Awards and the NBA Finals Game 6, HBO’s Game of Thrones tied its series high in the ratings Sunday night.Thrones delivered another 2.7 million for its premiere telecast, and was down just a tick overall for the night (3.4 million). Yes, it’s safe to assume that number would likely be slightly higher if not for the added competition.Winter Is Coming: This is good news. Hopefully with no competition next week we will see a nice increase in numbers. And with Sunday night’s shocking ending and the resulting buzz, I expect a big jump is possible. Enough to overtake Boardwalk Empire’s season finale (3.3 mil initial/4.2 mil total)? We shall see.

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