In Early 2012, Game Of Thrones RPG Coming To PS3, Xbox 360, And PC

In Early 2012, Game Of Thrones RPG Coming To PS3, Xbox 360, And PC   

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ATLUS, in collaboration with HBO and Cyanide Studios, has revealed North American publishing plans for “Game of Thrones,” an action RPG based on the internationally bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire series of books by George R. R. Martin and the critically acclaimed HBO television series, Game of Thrones dvd . Launching worldwide in early 2012, the game will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. With an original story written under the supervision of Martin, “Game of Thrones” promises to deliver the ultimate interactive role-playing experience for fans. The Emmy Award-winning star of Game of Thrones, Mr. Peter Dinklage, is very excited about a brand new acting gig. He’s got good reason, too! He’ll be re-creating Hollywood history in a nostalgic upcoming role.Actually, I’m at home, which is slightly more comfortable than a tour, but unfortunately, with less music being played. We were on tour and our singer Travis got pretty ill, so we’re kind of just taking it day by day and unfortunately canceling shows as he was in the hospital. So, that’s kind of where we’re at right now. these are the first pictures to emerge of the new PRG due out early next year.After selling 15 million books worldwide as well as HBO’s hugely-successful TV adaptation, it was only ever going to be a matter of time before George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series made the move onto video games.With filming reportedly winding down in Ireland, the second season of “Game of Thrones” is entering the home stretch before its return to HBO in 2012. But that doesn’t mean that the enormous cast has finished growing.It’s one of entertainment’s strangest quirks that despite producers plundering the pages of fiction since the earliest days of film and television, the list of successful book-to-screen adaptations is a disappointingly short one. You may be too young to remember Fantasy Island, but the Filipino actor, born in France, Hervé Villechaize, played Tattoo, who famously called out for every episode, “The plane, the plane!” as the iconic airplane brought new visitors to the fantastic location.The game is filled with familiar locations straight from the pages of the beloved fantasy saga along with the likeness of some actors portrayed in the series. Rumors had been swirling about this for a while and fans of the franchise will no doubt enjoy it. Hardcore RPG fans will say that a mere 30 hours is much too short but I say they have to start somewhere and depending on how well this one is received we might see follow ups that are much deeper.That’s a song that we actually worked on with producer Benny Blanco. He kind of came to us with this rough skeleton of a song–it had that reference chorus in there. We thought it was really cool and we started working on it, and the possibility of getting Adam Levine to sing that chorus was presented to us. It was kind of something we just jumped at. We’ve been big Maroon 5 fans since their first album, Songs About Jane. Obviously, it’s a huge opportunity for our band. I always tend to think of us as the perpetual underdogs. Whenever we’re presented with the opportunity with working with other incredible artists, it’s always a big deal for us.ATLUS (Index Digital Media, Inc) and Cyanide Studios have revealed that the game will boast a brand new storyline – written under the supervision of Martin – and claim it “promises to deliver the ultimate interactive role-playing experience for fans.”

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