I’m winning the Game Of Thrones

I’m winning the Game Of Thrones  

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I have the most points and the least technical fouls in this Game. This Game of Thrones.Apart from it being literally the signature epic fantasy of the generation, which I think commands a certain respect whatever else about the project appeals, George is an amazing writer. The experience of sitting down with A Game of Thrones and falling into that world was so powerful, rich, and complicated that it’s hard to tease apart any one aspect of it and say “that was the appeal.” The characters were great, the setting was immersive and gigantic and mysterious, the plot was riveting. It was epic fantasy done absolutely right. Still is.”A Game of Thrones – Genesis” is a real-time strategy game developed by French developer Cyanide Studio and is due to launch later this summer on a date yet-to-be specified.Which is why Monday’s first episode of Game of Thrones (Sky Atlantic), the HBO adaptation of the first book in George RR Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire series, came as such a relief. If you’ve read the books (I was introduced to them a couple of months ago and devoured all four in record time, and am now impatiently awaiting the fifth), you’ll know what I mean. Jacob Klein of HBO Watch writes that HBO is leading the charge in reversing the stigma that fantasy can’t survive on television. Game of Thrones and True Blood are the obvious success stories here, but Klein also points to HBO’s forthcoming adaptations of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.Remember the opening of A Game of Thrones? That spooky forest, that lone patrol from the Wall, the creeping sense of dread as they approached a camp full of mysteriously dead bandits? I loved it. All I could think was, “This would make a great Facebook game.”The sun rises over a castle, a castle made of swords and pegasuses and gargoyles shaped like dongs. In the distance, 100 concubines have sex with their sisters and step-dads.If you’re one of the many many people who’s been enjoying the hit “Game of Thrones” HBO series, then you know you’re in for a dry spell, what with Season 1 having ended and Season 2 not starting up until next spring.I say sort of, because – brilliant though the books, and the Peter Jackson movie adaptations, undoubtedly are – JRR Tolkien never really worked out how people behave, or how they talk to each other. Gollum aside, every single one of the characters is a bland cipher. Aragorn: tortured hero! Frodo: small tortured hero! Gandalf: infinitely wise badass! Pippin and Merry: interchangeable comic relief! Sam: dependable bumpkin! Etc. He also doesn’t really get jokes, or romance.

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