How fares your Game of Thrones addiction

How fares your Game of Thrones addiction  

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Back when we started seeing screenshots and hearing talk of Cyanide’s RTS Game of Thrones: Genesis, there was a fair amount of skepticism about the game. Each time we posted about it, folks would express doubt that this game was accurately channeling George RR Martin’s fiction, or the HBO series that it has inspired.If you’re a lover of fantasy books, fantasy video games or — God help you — both, you’re going to want to sit down for this one. According to a report from EGM (relayed by VG247) Bethesda was in talks to adapt George R.R. Martin’s supremely popular Game of Thrones book series into a video game. That’s right: The Elder Scrolls people almost brought the Song of Ice and Fire to your favorite video game console. We’ll give you a minute to go grab your inhaler.HBO’s new show Game of Thrones, based on George R. R. Martin’s multi-volume fantasy series A Song of Fire and Ice and Fire, begins this Sunday night. Fans of the books are very excited and have been squeeing about the series to anyone who will listen: It’s an epic, complex, gritty tale of politics and power, with just a dash of the mystical thrown in. It’s like Lord of the Rings for grown-ups! While all this fanboy excitement is coming from a good place, it makes the series sound overwhelming.”We wanted to do our own world. That’s where we wanted to put out time into. Before we were even making Skyrim, there was a conversation with George R.R. Martin’s people,” studio head Todd Howard told EGM. “They thought it would be a good match – and so did we, actually – but then we thought about if that was where we wanted to spend our time. It was tempting, though.”Part of the issue was that it was an RTS, a type of game that doesn’t lend itself to the sort of political machinations and storytelling that make George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire books so much fun. I even wrote a post titled What a Better Game of Thrones Game Might Look Like, where I opined that the closest thing we’d gotten to a Game of Thrones game was BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins.I am back to re-reading the books, although it slow going for me. While I will recommend the books every time, I have to admit there are parts that drag on. But you get that from many great works, so it is no big deal.

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