Hot TV Series Comments: Discuss Game of Thrones

Hot TV Series Comments: Discuss Game of Thrones  

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You have never seen one series like “Game Of Thrones” so amazing?an American medieval fantasy television

series created for HBO by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss ? luxury, bloody, dark, eccentric?even environment

are astounding, too! Malicious and goodwill intertwined together as unpredictable as life. George R • R •

Martin Gorgeous grand fantasy story was successfully imaged. I love this step.Before it broadcasted, lots people have seen the preview or got all kinds of video files. The praise is as a

flood forming a vast momentary. Some people wrote a variety of reasons to recommend it. Because you will be

impressed by its wonderful, wide world, delicate characterization, and it’s all the mapping of history. It

makes you think, and make you enjoy; it surprise you, but also make you obsessed. After all, no one regrets. “Game of Thrones” is “set in the mythical land of Westerns and tells the story of the noble Stark family

who become caught up in high court intrigue when patriarch Eddard becomes the king’s new right-hand man.”

The cast includes a who’s who of cult favorites like Lena Headey who appeared in the short-lived Fox series.The first thing that struck me in the first few scenes was the cinematography. Gorgeous Is Absolutely

gorgeous. I loved the slightly desiderated look and how each tree in the woods they showed at the beginning

seemed to pop just ever so slightly.But most of the actors were just a bit off to me. A danger, I guess, of reading the book beforehand. I

imagined the characters looking a certain way, speaking a certain way – and when I saw them on the screen, it

was disappointing. I find that’s often the case with books I love that are turned into movies. Its bit of a

letdown when the characters look a bit different or have a different cadence in their voice than you imagined.The one exception was Tyrion Lannister. He was perfect. He was also one of my favorite characters in the book.

The actor just nailed it — he wasn’t exactly as I had imagined, but his performance and look were so spot on

that I was enamored on the spot.”I can’t believe they let [main character] [action]!” which bugged me. They didn’t do anything.You may see for various reasons this drama, such as: plot tension, death and hope, the fate of the Direwolvs,

fantasy elements and fantasy space, family disputes, the right temptation, deviant sex, brutal violence …

… In any case, it is genetically related with HBO, BBC appearance, and George R • R • Martin’s DNA. Wait: As you know, the season 2 is coming soon. If you wanna to watch Game of Thrones, The season 1 on DVD is available at

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