HBO’s marketing initiative for Game of thrones dvd

HBO’s marketing initiative for Game of thrones dvd  

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Many other bloggers and critics received the box of scrolls and vials. I’ve compiled some of their reactions below. Be sure to visit each link for more photos and, in some cases, videos:HBO has launched a creative marketing campaign for Game of Thrones dubbed The Maester’s Path. The first step of this campaign is a box mailed to select critics and bloggers filled with vials, scrolls and a map of the Seven Kingdoms. Click through to read my experience exploring the first link in this chain.After opening the package that was delivered by a courier in some metallic horseless carriage emblazoned with the word “FedEx” on the side (must be some Qartheen warlock magic), I discover a small box and some correspondence from Oldtown (aka HBO).

In advance of our upcoming series, GAME OF THRONES, we’ve created this unique package to give you an immersive experience of the land of Westeros. Inside the box, you’ll find a flight of original scent experiences that bring the world to life, along with scrolls containing more details of how to begin your sensory journey.

Upon opening the box, one encounters a bevy of vials, scrolls, and other trinkets. There is also a map. Unfolding the parchment, reveals the land of the Seven Kingdoms broken down into regions with the sigils of several of the Great Houses of Westeros.The sigils for House Stark, Tully, Lannister, Greyjoy, Tyrell and Baratheon are present, drawn over the lands they currently hold. Curiously, the Martells and their land of Dorne are not represented on the map. Clearly this map was drawn shortly after King Robert overthrew the Mad King and the Martell’s Targaryen sympathies made them an enemy of all peace-loving citizens of Westeros. Prince Doran has since come to his senses and sworn fealty to our good King Robert.

Next, one notices the scrolls. Unfurling the largest scroll reveals a document entitled “Being An Accounting of the Great Houses and their Seats.” This document tells of the recent history of Westeros and gives an overview of the Great Houses. Stuff any child should know, but I suppose the maesters of Oldtown must not assume that all who receive this package would be as educated as myself.

Moving on to the vials, one sees they are all labeled with different scents: Crypt, Godswood, Pepper, Grasslands, Campfire, and Khal’s Herd.

This scroll instructs you on what to do with these scents. The document states that one is to mix three scents into an empty vial to get the scent of a region. In my case, three scents (Crypt, Godswood, Pepper) combine to form the aroma of Winterfell, while the other three (Grasslands, Campfire, Khal’s Herd) blend to create the scent of the far-off Dothraki Sea.

In turn, both of the regions represented in the box has their own scroll. These scrolls describe the regions and break down the three scents contained therein.

The scents are strong and not always pleasant (those filthy Dothraki!) but this world is not all sweetwine and roses. A good maester knows that if he wishes to have a long and heavy chain, he must delve into unpleasantries from time to time.His remarks begin with high-praise for the cinematography and production values of the show, saying that its looks incredibly good and that viewers will love the visual quality. However, the skeptical side of him notes that of course, there has been a veritable parade of “grandiose” genre shows, many of them very good looking as well, and a show needs something more than just great looks to distinguish itself.

He admires HBO’s push to offer “accessible fantasy”, especially one that adds an extra layer of complexity beyond the usual clichés that genre fans may have come to expect. On the other hand, while the first two episodes are “fantastic”, there are a lot of characters, and a rather complex setting, introduced in a short time span which will be pretty demanding for viewers unfamiliar with the books and the genre. He’s also unsure that the first two episodes really reveal a lot about the greater depth of the series (presumably in comparison to similar genre shows in the past). Ultimately, he feels that the show will be one that needs time to grow its audience, to give them time to adjust themselves to its and realize all those additional complexities that set it apart.

He had high praise for the actors, suggesting that all-around it’s very well cast. He especially cites some of the newer ones, whom he described as “magically good”. Maise Williams (Arya Stark), he says, was born for this, and indicates she’s spectacular. He was also impressed with Richard Madden (Robb Stark). Among the veteran actors, he also feels that Dinklage is unforgettable as Tyrion. In response to a query about how fantastical the show is, he did feel that perhaps it was toned down a little compared to the novel.In addition, the rumored screening for cast and crew last week apparently did happen and John Bradley West (Samwell) tweeted his thoughts on what he saw:

Utterly utterly breathtakingly brilliant. Uncompromising and sumptuous photography and mesmerising performances. Goosebumps all round. Cinematic in its visuals and effects. Brilliant direction and dialogue.

Winter Is Coming: More positive thoughts are always a plus. Especially good to hear the positivity from an outsider. Including more praise for Maisie. Looks like she is going to be quite the little star.Some recently discovered CVs give further information on the visual effects work being done for Game of Thrones. Thanks to a relentlessly thorough job of digging for news, WiC reader The Rabbit has discovered several artists’ CVs that reveal their work on Thrones and what exactly it entails.

We know that a VFX company called BlueBolt has been handling the bulk of the effects work on the show. This CV for an artist employed at BlueBolt describes his work on Thrones as a digital compositor. His duties include “3D projection (matte painting, plates), digital matte painting, crowd replication, keying, rotoscoping, color correction, tracking, wire and rig removal.”

Another CV reveals a new company working on Thrones. This artist is employed at Screen Scene, a post-production studio in Dublin. His title is 3D character modeller/animator and his duties include “building props and environments, sword extensions, etc., rigging, lighting, rendering.”

Lastly, this portfolio of a freelance graphic designer shows work he did on an unused, or as-of-yet unreleased, Game of Thrones “dream sequence” teaser. Amongst the images from the teaser is our first look at the show’s version of the three-eyed crow! Head past the break to view some of the images and read our thoughts.Winter Is Coming: An awesome find by The Rabbit. The three eyed crow looks appropriately mystical and creepy. Even though this image is from a teaser, the fact that it exists at all seems to imply that the three eyed crow, and by extension Bran’s dream, will be in the show.

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