HBO provided six episodes of the Game of Thrones for screening

HBO provided six episodes of the Game of Thrones for screening  

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Charlie Jane Anders of io9 gives her take on the series.

In a nutshell: the series features a host of astonishingly powerful performances that bring a depth and maturity that you seldom see on television, in any genre. And it looks absolutely gorgeous.

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Ellen Gray of the Philadelphia Daily News gives a review, of sorts, sprinkled with some quotes from David Benioff and George R. R. Martin.

Unlike HBO’s “True Blood,” in which creator Alan Ball took a not-particularly-distinguished series about a telepath who attracts vampires and massaged it into something people who wouldn’t be caught dead reading about the undead might be willing to watch, “Game of Thrones” is a show worth watching based on a book worth reading.

John Crook of Zap2It also has a quasi-review with some new quotes from Mark Addy and Sean Bean mixed in.

Epic fantasy can be a dicey prospect for television, but HBO hasn’t hedged its bets with “Game of Thrones.” It’s a stunner from top to bottom.

Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has some nice things to say about the show.

Viewers bored with predictable procedurals should welcome the opportunity to dig into this sprawling story, TV’s most challenging serialized drama since “Lost.” “Game of Thrones” may not have that show’s heart, but it does share a complexity in storytelling that’s unmatched in prime-time television today.

Brian Turner of TechWatch UK reviews the first episode (you know a TV series is popular when tech blogs are reviewing it). He also includes a first look at the series opening title sequence logo (naughty naughty!).

Now that I’ve watched it, that the level of expectation has been brought to the right level, and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of it play out. The only hope is that heads will roll only on the screen, for daring to bring us this ambitious and promising project.

Daniel Walters of Inlander presents a review from a non-book reader perspective.

More importantly, most characters become distinct and vivid — more than vivid, iconic. Most series thrive with one or two truly great characters. But Game of Thrones — with its smirking and devious adviser, its rich and sarcastic dwarf, its bombastic and short-tempered king (I could go on) — has dozens.

And then they fight, seduce, deceive and destroy each other with glorious high-def melodrama. And without casting a single Magic Missile.

Carissa of TV Fanatic comes at it from a book readers perspective.

There will be those, like me, who are thankful for the faithful portrayal, as well as the liberties taken, as they seem native to the story and characters and only enhance the experience. Finally, there will be those who have no idea what the books are about and can be blown away by a world that once only existed in the imagination of a writer with mastery and skill such as Mr. Martin.

I hesitate to even link to this “review”, but just for completeness sake, here is Troy Patterson of Slate on Thrones.

The quest is to complete a six-hour marathon of Game of Thrones–to stay conscious through a clear majority of the first six parts of a 10-episode season. It does not help matters that the series–where the meaty head of a drunken king lies uneasy, where plotters are overplotting and courtiers go a-courting in mutters–proceeds in a style that bears all the most punishing hallmarks of close fidelity to its literary source.

Greg Evans at Bloomberg gives the show 3 1/2 stars out of 4.

“Game of Thrones” can be enjoyed as little more than a better written, more lavish version of the joust-fests popular on the Starz channel.

Jessica Johnson of Time Out Chicago gives it 4 out of 5 stars.

Like some of HBO’s most revered series, Game of Thrones is unforgiving, challenging the audience to slog through a lot of introduction and table-setting before it picks up some narrative momentum. After the hot mess that is Starz’s new series Camelot, it’s nice to see the granddaddy of cable programming class up the bloody, sexy fantasy epic.

Steve West of Cinema Blend, a fan of the books, has nothing but good things to say about the show.

Forget about trying to figure out the ins and outs of the rivalries as you watch the first episode. Accept that you’re thrust immediately into the story with no compass or suggestion of direction. All of the knowledge you need comes swiftly and naturally if you let it happen. Game of Thrones is worth your time, in fact it may be the best reason to be a TV watcher right now.

Josh Bell of Las Vegas Weekly gives Thrones 3 out of 5 stars.

At times Thrones feels like a Lord of the Rings movie with the fun taken out, but its sometimes tedious political machinations are balanced out with a number of fascinating characters and a penchant for attention-grabbing plot twists.

Andrew Dansby of My San Antonio has a good review from a unique perspective. He is intimately familiar with the source material as he was the assistant to George R. R. Martin’s editor at the time A Game of Thrones was first published. He knew then that this story was something special and he thinks the show does the book justice.

As told by the TV show’s creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, Game of Thrones should hold appeal to the viewer seeking something chewier than perceived flights of fancy.

Guy D’Astolfo of Youngstown News gives Thrones a glowing review.

Like “Rome,” that other great HBO series from ancient times, it also has a rich group of juicy characters and a complex story involving treachery from afar and within.

And its detailed authenticity — the glorious sets, the costumes, even the sound effects — will leave you giddy.

Matt Zoller Seitz of Salon gives the series a mostly positive review.

Still, this HBO show has a particular storytelling philosophy and creative process, and it’s uncompromising in how it lays things out, taking a full hour just to set its pieces on the chessboard and not making its first big move until the final seconds of the pilot.

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