Gritty Realism In Legendary Fantasies: Game Of Thrones Books And True Blood

Gritty Realism In Legendary Fantasies: Game Of Thrones Books And True Blood  

Article by Janelle Elizabeth

Why are legendary fantasies so stimulating and alluring to read? Much like a lot of fictional books, this literary genre helps you, the reader, to end up being moved to worlds outside your imagination. Worlds wonderfully fleshed from a writer’s elaborate and vivid mind filled with delicately detailed places, labyrinthine politics, and multi-faceted heroes. But can the time of hobbit and sorcerers be looking at extinction with grittier, much more real stories like the Game of Thrones books taking center stage?

In George R.R. Martin’s world famous fantasy bestseller “A Game of Thrones,” the actual existence of great personalities like the platinum haired charm Daenerys Targaryen who gives birth to dragons remain part of the book’s draw but most sections of the book actually deal with more familiar life challenges similar to teenage tension, annoying relatives, physical difficulties, , revolt, and power play. Circulated in 1996, this treasured selection conveys the tale of life inside the seven kingdoms that lie in the fictional land of Westeros. The main figures on the stories hark from one of nine royal families or houses with the key emphasis concentrating on the Houses Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, and Targaryen.

It’s going to astonish some to learn that “A Game of Thrones” is the first entry on the fantasy book selection called “A Song of Fire and Ice”. Other titles within the series are “A Clash of Kings” published in 1999, “A Storm of Swords” circulated in 2000, “A Feast for Crows” publicized in 2005, and “A Dance with Dragons” publicized in 2011. The sixth book is entitled “The Winds of Winter” with the seventh book being tentatively entitled “A Dream of Spring.” George R.R. Martin leaves wide open the chance of there being supplementary books.

The earliest book within the selection was adapted into an HBO series in 2011 and ever since then has received a lot of critical recognition, taking the Game of Thrones books to the interest of a mainstream audience. But the very appealing arena of “A Game of Thrones” isn’t the only one famous show on tv where standard troubles are set on a backdrop of fantastic events. The famous Television series “True Blood” is a member of this particular team. This program, which also airs on HBO, is based on the top selling “Southern Vampire” stories written by Charlaine Harris. If you haven’t been privileged enough to keep up with the jaw dropping escapades of the Southern gents and belles of that exceptionally provocative program on TV do not worry since there will be a couple of online sites where you may watch True Blood on the web . share in the fun. The “True Blood” tv show follows the story of Sookie Stackhouse, a pretty lass with telepathic attributes that goes to work as a server in New Orleans.

Taken on its own, it may not sound too enjoyable but first add supernatural personalities just like vampires, werewolves, witches, faeries, and shape shifters. Finally, for comic relief, place in a trash talking chef along with a sheriff’s department that causes Barney Fife appear to be a genius. Last but not least add eye-catching celebrities and actresses.With the help of that combination one could most likely recognize why this amazing TV show has topped the charts as it was introduced in 2008. In conclusion, the best fantasy books needn’t possess boy magicians and sorcerers. In these modern times, it appears that gritty truth could possibly have more sway with readers and audiences as well. Often times the strangeness of reality makes for even better amusement.

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The best fantasy books are taking center stage. Sometimes the strangeness of reality tends to make far better entertainment.

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