“Game of Thrones ” wins Emmy for Main Title Design

“Game of Thrones ” wins Emmy for Main Title Design  

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The Creative Arts Emmys awards ceremony was held tonight in Los Angeles and the winners of all of the technical categories were announced. Game of Thrones was nominated for nine different Creative Arts awards and ended up taking home the gold for Best Main Title Design!Somewhat surprisingly, they lost in a few other categories where I felt they had a good chance at winning, including Best Casting (they were beat out by Boardwalk Empire), Best Costumes (The Borgias won), Best Stunts (Southland got the statue), and Best Visual Effects (Boardwalk Empire again). They also lost in the categories of Best Hairstyling, Best Make-up (prosthetic and non-prosthetic), and Best Sound Editing.Winter Is Coming: Too bad about all those losses. I figured at least a couple of those would be wins. We definitely got overlooked for Best Casting. Nina Gold shoulda won that one. But still, the one award they did win was well-deserved. Congrats to Angus Wall and his team!Cast member Eugene Simon promoting Game of Thrones UK on Twitter :).Game of Thrones cast Member Eugene Simon who plays Lancel Lannister has plugged us on his twitter account, we would just like to say thank you Eugene.A quick synposis of Euegene is he is an established British born child actor, who expect to appear in the following shows this year I Ben-Hur, Summer In Transylvania, House of Anubis & Game of Thrones.He also says he is delighted to recieved feedback.Angeles. “It was a fantastic time for me and it was a really ambitious project by HBO, and all the guys involved — the producers, the directors, the actors. It was a wonderful experience, and hopefully… I think I am in flashbacks in the books.”"Wild Cards” is a series of books and stories taking place in a world where an alien virus had been unleashed in New York City. Those who survived were turned into either a class of beings named “Jokers,” mostly deformed creatures, or, more rarely, “Aces,” who have special powers.We’ve all been waiting for the first signs of the Game of Thrones first season DVD & Blu-Ray box set… and it seems to have arrived with strong suggestions that the discs will role out in at least several countries in March 2012, approximately 1 month before the premiere of season 2 of the series. First off, in the UK, the British Video Association notes a March 19 date for the release over there (UK Preoder: DVD, Blu-Ray). And France appears to be even luckier, with Warner Brothers France indicating a March 7th date–quick work!

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