Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 2: The Night Lands

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 2: The Night Lands  

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Finally the first episode of second season of the most anticipated comeback of Game of Thrones has been aired. “The North Remembers” premieres with tons of surprises that totally entertained the crowd. Avid followers waited for so long and finally that wait has been paid off as the episode goes satisfying of course that we really wanted for more. Like what will happen to Daenerys Targaryen who is crossing the Red Waste and hoping to find some shelter. Will there be a shelter for her and her fellow man or this is where she falls? And how about those new born dragons which I guess also having hard time with their appetite, will they ever survive and one day become the most powerful army of Daenerys? Or die together with their queen’s hope? We will never know what happen next because Game of Thrones is filled with unexpected. Better yet, let’s watch Game of Thrones season 2 episode 2: The Night Lands to find out what is untold.

Game of Thrones s2e2 The Night Lands is set to air this coming Sunday, April 8, 2012 and directed by Alan Taylor from the writing of David Benioff & D. B. Weiss. The episode tells about Theon Greyjoy who returns to his home of Pyke after nine years of Starks ward. He is reunited with his sister Yara and his father Balon, who despises Theon for his Southern ways and intends to win back his crown by force. Cersei rejects Robb Stark’s terms and Tyrion exiles Janos Slynt, head of the Gold Cloaks, to the Wall and promotes Bronn to commander of the watch. On the road to the Wall, Arya reveals her true identity to Gendry. North of the Wall, Samwell Tarly is approached by one of Craster’s daughters, Gilly, who is pregnant and fears for her unborn child, but Jon is reluctant to help her despite Sam’s pleas. In the Red Waste one of the horses returns to Daenerys with the decapitated head of it’s rider in a pouch, a message from one of her enemies. On Dragonstone, Davos Seaworth recruits the pirate Salladhor Saan to Stannis’s side, and Stannis has sex with Melisandre to obtain the son his wife could not give him while Jon discovers that Craster sacrifices his sons to the White Walkers.

Some are playing the most dangerous game, other are into ruling but for those who hardly had no food on their table and only begging for strong people mercy, continue living is what they wishes most.

Wonderfully written, delightfully created, and greatly made; those are only few great parting words we have heard from the people who had enjoy watching Game of Thrones television series. And the series isn’t over yet on entertaining our evening. Watch more of its episodes and continue to be amaze and remember the air date of Game of Thrones S2E2.

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