Game of Thrones Season 1 Finale

Game of Thrones Season 1 Finale  

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Hey, are you ready to become a part of Game of Thrones season 1 finale? Perhaps you all do as this television series already captured the interest of many. It?s lovely story, hooking drama and heartbreaking twists always find its way to catch our full attention that we even forget our dinner because we are stick to our chair, thinking nothing but to catch the new exciting story. The fight of seven kingdoms in Westeros are getting into our nerves, make us yearn for more.

Have you watched the previous episode? Have you seen the so-dramatic scenes wherein Ned peacefully accepted his death after Joffrey acts like beggar cat and betrayed his words? Now I?m starting to hate that guy, I?m so into Ned as the man knows how to play fair, never draw his sword without reason and always go with the good side but after Joffrey got his chance to be at the top, everything goes dangerous, scary and deadly.

However, just like the Stark family, Daenerys was also in grief as his husband Khal Drogo delirious from an infection caused by a wound on his chest which makes him falls from his saddle. Daenerys takes Drogo into her tent and sends for Mirri Maz Duur (Mia Soteriou). When Daenerys pleads with her to do something, Drogo’s bloodriders will not hear of it, and want the healer killed. Mirri tells Daenerys that there is a blood magic spell she knows, but insists that “death is cleaner”. For a loving wife like Daenerys who finally find her place in Drogo?s arms, she was willing to do everything even if it means she have to sacrifice something really precious.

Thinking it is over? Nah, not yet guys because the season finale of Game of Thrones will give us more, something that will give us reason to glue ourselves to our chair and forget our households and bunch of homework?s. As of the moment, no more games or dirty ploy as things are becoming rampant that even those young at heart can see the truth and realize what things really meant. With Ned death making his family closes their mouth and silently shedding in tears while beggars are laughing like wild wolf, fans are looking forward to know what?s next. Will there be a big fight of revenge? A child who will go on war to give justice upon his father death or a mother who will forget that she is vulnerable and will form a thousand troops just to release her anger?

Whatever will it be, be sure to watch Game of Thrones Episode 10 online and catch the exciting story hidden on everyone?s eyes.

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