Game of Thrones RPG, MMO, and social game invading Westeros

Game of Thrones RPG, MMO, and social game invading Westeros  

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If you’ve played A Game of Thrones: Genesis, Cyanide’s last Martin-related game, or Bigpoint’s Battlestar Galactica, you’ve probably already tempered your enthusiasm. And somehow I suspect a social game will not be the best use of the license. But like Ned Stark, I can be surprised.Making Game of Thrones, a site that offers an exclusive look behind the production of the HBO show, has a new on-set reporter. Cat Taylor, an assistant to showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, has assumed the online duties from writer Bryan Cogman (who is busy with other GoT projects apparently).I watched this with another Song of Ice and Fire-obsessed friend of mine. There was always the danger that it would be a huge let-down, and it still could be if the rest of the series does not live up to the first episode. But, if we’re lucky, HBO’s Game of Thrones could be the series that makes fantasy grow up.But will the game live up to the much-loved books and TV series, or is it simply being pushed out there to capitalize on the growing “Game of Thrones” craze (as some skeptical fans fear)?PRINCE FAJHO RJETIEODF: I am character in this Game. In This Game Of Thrones.Hard call. I liked all the characters as a reader years before I started the adaptation. Who doesn’t like Jon or Dany or Tyrion? The thing that adapting the books has made me appreciate more is the smaller characters. Old Nan, for instance, is actually a fascinating and eerie character, but she’s a part of a huge tapestry. It’s easy to overlook her and folks like her.Everyone knows HBO’s Boardwalk Empirewill be on plenty of Emmy ballots, which are due today. But HBO’s bolder, stranger epic Game of Thrones may be on more ballots than expected. A Thrones landslide was decidedly unexpected, partly because Emmy often spurns the fantasy genre, as do many mainstream viewers. “

We’re looking at 24 issues of 29 pages each. I’ve got the big trade paperback Game of Thrones, and that puts it at almost one page per page by the end of the thing.But, as Steve Rose wisely said in The Guardian, there’s more to making fantasy mature than simply injecting sex and violence. Luckily, Game of Thrones – with its finely drawn characters, moral uncertainty and genuine horror – has a lot more than just sex and violence.The works of acclaimed fantasy artist Justin Sweet will be on display at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California, from November 5 through November 28. The exhibition will feature Sweet’s original concept art from Game of Thrones, in addition to his other works in various media. Admission is free. OK, we’re not just getting a social Game of Thrones, but it is one of three upcoming licensed games for George RR Martin’s fantasy series. Eurogamer spotted a USA Today story about the various forms that AGOT-games will take, in which we learn that Cyanide is making an RPG “based on an original story by Martin.” Bigpoint (Battlestar Galactica Online) is developing a F2P MMORPG. And finally, the social game.

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