“Game of Thrones” played the role played “Little Devil” Ti Liang

“Game of Thrones” played the role played “Little Devil” Ti Liang  

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Advantages: Ti Liang Ding Laji this role is more than simply tailored, the dwarf who is the villain and poisonous tongue in a wise identity is the image most people play a profound role in one of the most critically acclaimed. As one of the main characters perspective, Ti Liang fact should be considered one of the protagonists in this drama, play space naturally enough.Disadvantages: do not know Dingla Ji height will not affect the judges’ votes, at least he was on “You Are the One” is certainly not the first round too, and to the serious to say, “Game of Thrones” may be step “Battlestar Galactica” has followed a burst of applause the audience and the critics, the jury remained unconvinced.Alan – Cumming (Alan Cumming) – “proud and good wife” (The Good Wife)Alan – Cumming in the season, “proud wife” in very good performances, and even the media to be called on a file in the brightest autumn actor.Advantages: “proud wife” lacking in the gas field-type role, Alan – Cumming plays Eric (Eli) is definitely one of them. The character actor in the play’s performance is the color, the audience and the media’s support rate is slightly better than several other competitors on a chip.Disadvantages: Josh from the same series – Charles may take a certain number of votes will be divided, Cumming’s performance this year, although excellent, but the list also Gejin Si and Ding Laji such strong competitors.Synopsis: By George – best-selling novel from Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones” without a doubt the most successful series in 2011, one of the play in the context of a fictional continent, about the Lord’s feuding separatist , aspirations to the world of the story. Original lack of fantasy elements, but also Gong Wei’s fighting and battlefield killing plot, characters, regardless of good and evil side, highlighting the individual’s position and beliefs, even after adapted into drama inherited these characteristics, degree of relaxation fascinating story. Play in the first quarter to the first original blueprint, about winter Santo Pro Ed – Stark entrusted by the king as prime minister, opened the sudden death of former Prime Minister of the truth of Shique framed man, eventually the whole kingdom into a war story.2011 With the star of “Song of Ice and Fire: the Game of Thrones” drama Drama Emmy nomination for Best Supporting ActorOnly 1 meter tall and 35 Peter – Ding Laji not just a simple special-type actor, for his excellent acting as commendable. In 1995 he was involved in the entertainment world, the evil Code film “on Mylar Rhapsody” (Living in Oblivion), who plays a non-stop complaining about the dwarf actor. Limited by their body, Dingla Ji has been a lack of suitable role, he mostly played in the film role of some bit-part player. Ding Laji 2003 film starring into the first mainstream film after “psychological Inn” (Station Agent), he played in the film a sense of inferiority dwarf, with the help of the two strangers gradually open their hearts to meet the new life. The film’s fame as a Dingla Ji, he began attracted much attention, also received an Independent Spirit Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for best actor nomination.For Dingla Ji, this year HBO heavily built, “A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones,” no doubt is another good opportunity to play the “little devil” Ti Liang is simply tailored for him, the Dingla Ji who is also the perfect interpretation of the “poison tongue” and “wise men” image of the dwarf role.

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