Game of Thrones in the second quarter and did not too much of your role

Game of Thrones in the second quarter and did not too much of your role  

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Before the end of the first round of casting, will appear in the second quarter, several major roles have been identified actor candidates.Stan Nice – Bailaxien (Stannis Baratheon): King Laobo stubborn and gloomy younger brother, Lao Bo’s death, sitting on Long Isle of iron he believes he is the legitimate heir to the throne.Starred in “- John Adams,” the British actor Stephen – Dylan (Stephen Dillane) will be played this role.Bulei Ni (Brienne): Tasman (Tarth) family heir, physical prowess but because of appearance was dubbed the “beauty Bulei Ni” (Brienne the Beauty), by adding Langley contest – Bailaxien (Renly)rainbow guard, Langley has a love of the heart.Who starred in “Dr. Soss par fantasy that show” the actress Gwen Dolan – Christie (Gwendoline Christie) will be played by the female warrior.Dai Stone – Xiwo Si: Stan Nice – Bailaxien right-hand man, and very loyal to the Stein Nice.Dai Stone – Xiwo Si was a well-known smugglers and privateers who, because of the war risk usurper transport onion and salted fish and meritorious service.Closure of a knight fighting Houxiwosi but because guilt before being smuggled off to the distal finger, they were dubbed the “Onion Knight.”In the original, wearing Stone – Xi Wosi perspective is one of the characters, this is Stan Nice story line the main role.This role will be the Irish actor Liam – Cunningham (Liam Cunningham) played.”Entertainment Weekly”: “Mad Men” (Mad Men) and “The Jetsons” (Modern Family), or led their respective nominations. The two HBO series “Boardwalk Empire” (Boardwalk Empire), “Game of Thrones” (Game of Thrones) strong, nominated for best drama series category, there are hoisting hope.”Los Angeles Times”: HBO produced Emmy nomination rule. The pay cable station took a total of 104 nominations, including two new drama “Boardwalk Empire” (Boardwalk Empire) and the “Game of Thrones” (Game of Thrones) nominated for best drama series category.”The New York Times”: HBO two drama “Boardwalk Empire,” “Game of Thrones” will challenge the best drama series on the “three consecutive years,” “Mad Men.” Comedy, “Community College” (Community) voted again, this is generally the NBC drama ratings, but word of mouth is also OK, “Modern Family” creator Steven Levitan on Twitter for the “community college” creator Dan Harmon said: “You were robbed (You were robbed). “”USA Today”: Emmy nominations full of surprises and left beads of regret. “Big Bang” (The Big Bang Theory) and “Parks and Recreation” (Parks and Recreation) can be nominated for best comedy series is a surprise. “Boardwalk Empire,” “Game of Thrones” is also nominated for best drama series category surprise. However, “walking corpses” (The Walking Dead) could not be left short-listed beads of regret.

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