Game of Thrones has appeared on Amazon and George

Game of Thrones has appeared on Amazon and George  

Article by Tianya

Hear Me Roar: Quite unexpectedly, we get to enjoy these two three babies today, albeit in relatively low resolution. No complaints though, there are Gethin Anthony (Renly) and Jack Gleeson (Joffrey) talking about their characters for the first time, and we see that scenes from the boar hunt have been filmed. But first and foremost, the Lannister video gives us the first look at Lord Tywin himself, in the famous leonine armour, no less! Enjoy the vids and comment away. Hopefully, we get HD quality versions on HBO’s site soon. HBO has already uploaded the Baratheon and Lannister videos to their YouTube channel, and added a Targaryen featurette in the bargain!UPDATE by WiC: As if these two videos weren’t enough, WiC reader Somerville has pointed out a boatload of new featurettes on Comcast’s online VOD site, Fancast. The new videos include character profiles for most of the major characters (where’s Jaime?) and some detailed behind-the-scenes stuff about the sets, costumes,weapons and stunts. Unfortunately, the videos seem to be limited to US-only. Hopefully they will be posted to HBO’s site or YouTube soon…UPDATE: SueThePirate has began the process of uploading these videos to YouTube for our international readers. We’ll link to them all here.It shows the now-familiar image of Ned sitting the Iron Throne with the three-eyed crow on the armrest. It also features the HBO logo and the official logo, as opposed to the book’s actual title. The UK version uses the same image and logo but arranges the placement of these elements slightly differently. And they manage to get Sky Atlantic’s logo on there as well. Personally, I like the US version better. This tie-in edition is set to release on March 22nd in the US and March 31st in the UK and will be available in trade paperback format only.In the US, the standard issue covers have also been redesigned and re-released in both trade paperback and mass market paperback format. Also set to release on March 22nd is this 4-book mass market paperback set which includes all currently published books inside a slipcover adorned with artwork from Game of Thrones. If you are planning on repurchasing the books with the redesigned covers, this is probably the way to go as it is cheaper than buying them separately plus you get the cool case with Sean Bean on it.

Winter Is Coming: If you need help with the challenge, I’m sure our readers will be posting hints and tips (and the solution as well) in the comments. Though it’s more fun to figure it out on your own, I think. Wonder what the reward will be this week? Well I’m off to complete the challenge and find out! Good luck!

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