Aufwand betriebenen Verfilmung von “Game Of Thrones”

Aufwand betriebenen Verfilmung von “Game Of Thrones”  

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Along with a feast of films from around the world, Cinemagic is welcoming a host of both international and local industry professionals to the Festival who will deliver workshops, talent labs and discussions for young people, such as highly acclaimed film music composer Patrick Doyle,(Thor, Rise of The Planet of the Apes), Belfast actor, Martin McCann (Killing Bono, Clash of the Titans), BAFTA award-winning director, Aisling Walsh, (Song for a Raggy Boy, Wallander),Oscar-nominated writer Tim Loane (Dance Lexie Dance), Coleraine actress Michelle Fairley (Best: His Mother’s Son, Game of Thrones), costume designer, Susan Scott (Parked, Cupcake), Northern Ireland actress, Bronagh Waugh, (Hollyoaks), Waddell Media’s Jon Barrie Waddell (Super Hero Me, Texas Rodeo Tykes), Film Make-up artist Maria Moore (City of Ember, Hunger), Casting Directors, Ros and John Hubbard (Hubbard Casting), and Julie Harkin (Misfits, Strawberry Fields, Production Managers, Terry Bamber (Quantum of Solace, Luther) and David Cain (Clash of The Titans 2,Gullivar’s Travels),Screenwriter Ben Schiffer (Skins, Not Safe For Work), award-winning animator Joel Simon (Flickerpix) and the production team behind BAFTA award-winning, CBBC’S Horrible Histories! Returning for a sixth consecutive year, respected film critic Mark Kermode will be ‘in conversation’ with the Belfast audiences ahead of a screening of The Buddy Holly Story.The saga takes place in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, a mysterious land where “the summers can last decades and winters a lifetime.” Here, by the intriguing to the wild south east, to the frozen wastes of the north, a battle rages with no holds barred, where kings and queens, knights and rebellious, loyal men traitors, fierce, fight for the conquest of power in a “game of thrones” between the major dynasties. The conflict in particular the houses oppose Stark and Lannister Targaryen, facing each other mercilessly for the Iron Throne.And the Coen brothers simply love his work. To date, they have cast him in Miller’s Crossing, Barton Fink, The Hudsucker Proxy, Fargo, The Big Lebowski and Paris, je t’aime. Nucky’s been needing a break, and he caught one when he caught the Chicago assassin’s bullet with his hand. Federal agent Clifford Lathrop stepped up and shot the shooter, and now Nucky’s on the mend and now he’s getting some help from a couple of unexpected sources. First Esther Randolph reveals that it was one of Capone’s men who tried to kill him, confirming his suspicions about the Jimmy Darmody-led cabal, and then Arnold Rothstein gives him some good advice in an armory.

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