An Action of Game of Thrones

An Action of Game of Thrones  

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It’s been confirmed that the acclaimed fantasy series will be transitioning to consoles in the form of an action-RPG and it’ll be out in spring 2012.You heard it right folks; that fantasy novel series that was impossible to put down, which then became a television series that was equally addictive, is going to (hopefully) feed our addiction for everythings George R. R. Martin next spring when A Game of Thrones hits Xbox 360s.Sean Bean’s latest role didn’t require him to master many new skills from scratch. “I’m pretty good at horse riding and sword-fighting already,” he chuckles in his gruff Northern burr, “though I did have to brush up on them both a bit before filming.” It has, after all, been 18 years since Bean saddled up as Sergeant Richard Sharpe in the first of 16 swashbuckling adventures on ITV1. “Though generally,” he says, “we practise with sticks instead of swords.” Emmy voters have a chance to flaunt their risk-taking side with Thursday’s nominations. A best drama series bid for “Game of Thrones,” HBO’s sex-and-swords fantasy adventure, would seriously dent the TV academy’s traditional resistance to top honors for genre fare. Starbucks plans to convert its public restrooms to employee-only in New York City. A source reportedthat Starbucks is tired of being”the public bathroom in the city” as its own employees wait in long lines to use the facilities. And just as they’re apparently getting tired of Wi-Fi sippers camping out for hours in their stores, they’re taking away the amenities that make Starbucks a home away from home for many freelancers and job-seekers.Earthquakes, destructive storms, hurricanes, and all sorts of natural disasters are occurring more and more these days, making believers and non -believers alike, wonder if God is angry about something? Maybe an answer to that question should be answered with another question. “Has man under estimated God’s wrath, His love, and His power?Bean is discussing his latest heroic incarnation: Lord Eddard Stark, the lead character in the new HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. Comparisons with his biggest film role, as Boromir in Lord of the Rings, are inevitable. But Game of Thrones, says Bean, is quite different – “an edgier, sexy, dark, brooding piece, where no one is safe” and that has more “brutality, betrayal, back-stabbing, corruption and hordes of unsavoury characters.” Winter is coming to your game system as the Game of Thrones RPG gets ready to immerse you in all the sword-swinging, blood-spilling action of Westeros, and a new peek at the gaming action gives you an idea of what’s in store.Another opportunity for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to step outside its comfort zone: Telemundo promoted its “La Reina del Sur” (“Queen of the South”) for a first-ever best drama series nod for a Spanish-language show and an acting bid for Mexican star Kate del Castillo. The International Emmys typically honor such programs. The news comes just days before World Toilet Day, a global day of recognition of people who lack adequate sanitation — and giddy writers in desperate need to relieve themselves of scatological puns.Now we all know that there’s outragious bouts of greed plaguing the earth. According to webster’s dictionary, the word greed is”An overwhelming desire to acquire or have, as wealth or power, in excess of what one requires or deserves.”The Game of Thrones RPG, created by Cyanide Studios, sticks with the format that fans of the Ice and Fire novels and the HBO series should be familiar with. The story is told in chapters, with the point-of-view changing between the two main characters of the game, with both characters being new to the Thrones storyline. The first is a Nights Watch recruit while the other is a member of a small house.

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