After years of waiting, Game of thrones dvd has finally arrived

After years of waiting, Game of thrones dvd has finally arrived  

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Spoiler Note: This post is for those who have read the first book. As such the post itself and the comments will contain spoilers. If you haven’t read the first book yet, stay tuned for a recap from a newbie’s perspective!The show opens with the now-familiar prologue scene. Haunting and intense, the scene opens the show with a bang. Sidenote: I was mildly disappointed when Jamie Campbell Bower had to be replaced as Ser Waymar, but I think Rob Ostlere did a great job. And it doesn’t take long for us to encounter our first change from the book. It is Will that survives the encounter with the Others (hereafter referred to as the official show term, the White Walkers). Not only that, but he doesn’t get away before the Walkers appear, but literally comes face-to-ice-cold-face with one and manages to remain alive. The only explanation is they let him live. A deviation from the books and one that seems to imply that the White Walkers are not attempting to sneak into Westeros in the cold night of winter but rather are quite confident they can take it with brute force.And then, the opening credits. Pretty amazing, right? Not much to add here other than the main theme music WILL get stuck in your head.And then our first completely new scene. This is the first of many. David Benioff and Dan Weiss were not shy when it came to adding their own take on things. Most of these are quite good, good enough that they almost feel like “deleted scenes” from the book. This is one of those scenes. It works as a great introduction to all of the Stark characters (love how they completely establish Arya’s character without her even uttering a word) and gives us a chance to see them all interact as a family. And we get our first Winter Is Coming!And then the beheading scene, this one has been seen in so many trailers and discussed at length before, so I won’t linger here long. I will mention though that I don’t mind them cutting Theon’s kick. Next, the finding of the direwolves. Aren’t they adorable?And then another new scene, our introduction to Cersei and Jaime. Not only do we learn they are siblings, but we learn they are hiding something and it was something the recently-deceased Jon Arryn might have uncovered. The central mystery of the first season is therefore established.Back to Winterfell and we get our first glimpse of the Godswood. A gorgeous shot. The King and his party arrives to some great fanfare (seriously, the music in this part is great). Maisie is great here, “Where’s the Imp?” And what the King says to Bran here has to be heartbreaking to book readers. Also, I love how Robert completely ignores Cersei.Down to the crypts, and flashback to the original pilot as well. Addy and Bean do well here to convey they are old buddies reuniting after many years apart. And we finally find out where the Imp is, at a brothel natch. This scene was originally written to occur in King’s Landing, but was moved to Winterfell (they have brothels there?). Back to the crypts, where we find out who Robert’s true love is and jump cut to…But in case that central conflict is lost on some viewers, it is hammered home in the next scene where Lysa’s message is delivered. And we get one of the more drastic changes here where Catelyn is resistant to Ned going to King’s Landing. In the books, she wants Ned to go to try to unravel the mystery of Jon Arryn’s death. She only becomes resistant to him leaving after Bran’s fall. Personally I don’t mind the change and can understand why David & Dan made it. Too much back and forth in a matter of two episodes would make Catelyn look wishy-washy and not the strong-willed woman she actually is. I think in the book that sort of thing works better when you can spend more time with each character.Back across the Narrow Sea and we get the wedding and then soon after the bedding. Another change here, as Dany does NOT enjoy her first time. This change stands to be a bit more problematic as it has been noted that Dany’s sudden change in attitude towards Drogo later seems less motivated out of love and more of a case of Stockholm Syndrome. I would be curious to hear what our readers think of this change.And then, the finale. That moment that stands to hook those viewers teetering on the edge, so to speak. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays it so well too. It is sure to be a shock and hopefully will draw viewers back for episode two.

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